SALTs Gender Equality Plan

SALTs Gender Equality Plan (GEP) was approved by SALTs Group Management on 01 April 2022. The document sets out SALTs ambition and targets linked to its work to promote gender equality within the organization.

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The current situation

The SALT group, consisting of SALT Research AS and SALT Lofoten AS, follows this gender equality plan. Within the group there is 62 % women, 38 % men and 0 % non-binary employed with 66 % women and 33 % men in the managing group. SALT Research AS consists of 77 % women, 23 % men and 0 % non-binary. SALT Lofoten AS consists of 57 % women, 43 % men and 0 % non-binary.
SALT has a salary policy that is based on a combination of education, years of relevant experience (where parental leave qualifies as experience) and responsibility.

To whom the GEP applies

All employees, board members and partners that act on behalf of SALT are obliged to accept and comply with SALT’s GEP upon signing a contract of employment or when entering agreement of partnerships.

The management is responsible for making this Gender Equality Plan known to all employees and board members, and for promoting and ensuring its compliance. The management is responsible for providing advice on interpreting and following up on the rules and principles in the GEP.

All employees and board members must ensure that they are familiar with relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, as well as ensure compliance with these in their own area of responsibility.
The GEP is includprogram for new employees, business partners in selected roles and training in management trainings.

When entering into agreements of significant financial importance to SALT and where SALT has a leading role, it is required that each business partner has a GEP.


SALT wishes to strengthen efforts to achieve and organization-wide gender equality. We believe that a ratio of 60 % women and 40 % men is realistic for the organization as a whole. We work towards this during the recruiting process.

A good and inclusive work environment is essential for us to enjoy life, both during and after working hours. Violations, special treatment or harassment are not tolerated, and each of us has a responsibility to prevent and protect the working environment through zero tolerance for such actions.

SALT aims to have a natural diversity among its employees. No form of discrimination is tolerated, either on the basis of age, gender and identity, religion or other belief orientation, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability.

Status assessments

We have prepared reports setting out levels of gender equality related to the organisational dimensions listed below. The report covers the SALT Group, its research organization and consultancy, and is a part of SALTs yearly report which is presented once per year and covers the previous fiscal year.

– Gender equality for SALT overall and sorted according to age group and the proportion of PhDs
– Gender equality sorted according to scientific and management career path (from academic degree
to Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist and Management)
– Salary differentials between men and women
– Gender equality in relation to project management
– Gender equality in relation to publication

Svolvær, 01.04.2022

Kjersti Eline Tønnessen Busch
Managing Director, CEO
SALT Research AS

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