Johanne Rydsaa

Johanne is interested in how we humans impact the nature around us, how the climate changes, and how we can adapt and take care of the environment, locally as well as globally. She is a former postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tromsø, has worked with climate research, and has a PhD in meteorology from the University of Oslo. Johanne has experience from interdisciplinary projects focused on climate change, especially the interaction between air quality, climate, and vegetation. The projects have focused on regional climate changes here in the north and in the Arctic, as well as local effects on agriculture in warmer regions.

At SALT, Johanne works in the field of marine litter with analyses of beach litter in relation to weather data, and effects of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture. She has extensive experience with various modeling tools, programming, and analysis of large datasets, such as weather and climate data. Johanne works from our office in Tromsø, and is the right expert for projects related to climate, data analysis, and the effects of climate change.