Coastal Development

Norway has the second longest coastline in the world. This unique coastline comprises magnificent landscapes, fascinating marine ecosystems, world-class resources and historic coastal communities. SALT provides the interdisciplinary competence needed to secure proactive coastal development and to ensure sustainable management of our shared resources – today and in the future.

Local development

In order to develop the coastal communities of tomorrow we need knowledge about what input factors make up the foundation for healthy and viable communities. SALT has developed methods for acquiring insight based on local involvement and mapping knowledge of current and future challenges. SALT assists municipalities and cities in solving such challenges and identifying possibilities such as business development, recruitment and local qualities.

Climate- and sustainability strategies

We believe that scientific knowledge about climate risk and sustainable development is crucial for future fit societies as well as businesses. SALT helps companies with the development of climate and sustainability strategies, risk assessments and reporting. Together with our clients we facilitate materiality analyses and consultation processes that include both management and employees. We combine internal business intelligence with research-based knowledge about our climate, sustainability and risk awareness. Together we can facilitate proper implementation of sustainability strategies to ensure that it contributes to new business opportunities and strengthened competitiveness for coastal industries.

Communication and dissemination

SALT has extensive experience as communication and dissemination partner in large research projects. We also develop complete science centre concepts, and we tailer and facilitate conferences, physical as well as digital. Our team of process managers and communication experts always aim to present new knowledge in innovative formats.


SALT is strongly committed to educate the younger generations, especially on ocean science and culture. We have solid experience with the tools needed to communicate in a fun and easy way, focusing on theatre, music, film etc. Our goal is to provide young people with curiosity and new knowledge about our coast, our oceans and the possibilities that lie ahead.




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