Exploring Scientific Discourse on Marine Litter in Europe: Review of Sources, Causes and Solutions
29.08.2022 | Marine Litter

Together with the Danish DCEA and Aalborg University, SALT's Vilma Havas has reviewed the scientific discussion on marine litter in Europe, with particular focus on the two Nordic countries Denmark and Norway.

Plastic litter in the sea has in scientific literature been pointed out as an environmental threat as far back as 1956. Already during the Ra expedition in the 60s, Thor Heyerdahl reported on the discovery of marine plastic waste. Fifty years later, marine litter is still a topic that concerns scientists, and which remains to be solved. In the last five years, research on marine litter has accelerated, but still there are large knowledge gaps.

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Søren Løkke (Aalborg University)
Lone Kørnøv (Aalborg University)