Audun Narvestad

Audun lurte på om du kunne gjøre det samme for han? "Audun has firsthand knowledge of Arctic and Antarctic conditions and biology. The adventurer Audun found his way to SALT through field studies of penguins in Antarctica and on Bouvet Island in the Southern Ocean, work as a technician at the weather station on Jan Mayen, and experience from land-based aquaculture in Finnmark. At SALT, he works as a consultant at our office in Tromsø. There, he is involved in managing the cleanup of marine debris in Svalbard and along the coast through the Clean Norway and Fishing for Litter programs. Additionally, he is engaged in a number of local and regional development projects.

Audun is educated as a marine biologist, with a master's degree in biology from UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, and is part of SALT's expert group in Marine Management. Audun is an efficient and knowledgeable project manager, and he is eager to contribute to the development of new projects in the north.

Audun takes part in these projects and publications