Neutrality - Solidity - Credibility
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  • About Salt

    SALT is an independent consultant company with knowledge about and for the coast. We deliver services within research, consultancy and outreach related to the coast and sea. SALT is dedicated to working for the future of the coast – our interests span from sea urchins to human capital! Our company consists of high professional competence on marine ecosystems, coastal industries and entrepreneurship – especially considering northern issues. Our unique and untraditional team represent your connection between the marine resource and value creation.

    SALT was in its second year of business (2012) awarded the prestigious award “Fyrtårnprisen” from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fiskeries, for extraordinary efforts in relation to Norway as a fisheries nation and a coastal state. We do our very best to live up to this honor every day, because the future of the coast is also our future.

    SALT is impartial in all resource- and societal debates regarding the marine environment and the coast. Our role is to be a credible, honest and solid supplier of knowledge regarding any decision-making process.

    SALT was founded by the entrepreneurs Kjersti Eline Tønnessen Busch (Ph.D. in Aquaculture) and Kriss Rokkan Iversen (Ph.D. in marine system ecology) in June 2010. Kjersti and Kriss were students together, and agreed that they would use their educational backgrounds to contribute to coastal development – at the place where the resources and value creation actually took place.