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SALT sailors

The SALT ship is loaded with knowledgable sailors with competence and passion for the ocean and the coast. We posess high professional competence within marine ecosystems, coastal industries, entrepreneurship and outreach - especially related to issues of the north. SALT has a strong focus on the whole of the value-chain - from resource to application. Our unique and untraditional team represent your connection between the marine resources and creating value.

The knowledge-sailors on board the SALT ship are hand-picked based on education and qualities. The SALT ship is loaded with two Ph.D's related to the marine environment and four postgraduates in Biotechnology, Political Science, Entrepreneurship and innovation management as well as Cand.Mag in Education and journalism. We also have a professional photographer on board finishing an Undergraduate degree in Societal Safety and Environment.

SALT tailor our workers to your project depending on the goal of the project. We are always impartial and knowledge-oriented. Always professional and dedicated. Always listening and interested. From the moment you hire SALT to manage and make your knowledge available, you will know that the navigation is right from the moment we begin.

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