With outlook onto stockfish and salmon. With insight into coastal value creation.

SALT has carried out a wide variety of projects tied to the sea and coast. The size and format of end products vary by project, but all are knowledge based and visually appealing. SALT´s goal is to always deliver according to the motto «academically strong – vibrant delivery», regardless whether we are delivering within research, consultancy or outreach. Client feedback testifies that SALT delivers according to promise.

Reference projects
Havet e mor di – A Crash Course in the meaning of the Coast

Havet e mor di – A Crash Course in the meaning of the Coast

SALT is responsible for planning and executing the conference «Havet e mor di» in July,

We invite the next generation of decision makers to make sure that the future decisions are based on a solid knowledge about the coasts possibilities and challenges.

Sponsors: The County of Nordland, Norsk Olje og gass, Bodøregionens utviklingsselskap, Træna municipality and Maritimt Forum.

Environmental Study of Skjerstadfjorden

Environmental Study of Skjerstadfjorden

SALT managed a major environmental study of Skjerstadfjorden in co-operation with the sub-contractors Akvaplan-niva, NIVA and North University. The Skjertadfjord represents a unique fjord system where the greatest depth is 500 meters. The outlet in Saltstraumen is only 26 meters in depth. The study particularly focused on uncovering potential eutrhrophication of the fjord system.

Read more about the study and download the report here:


Marine Youth Outreach

Marine Youth Outreach

An outreach project targeting pupils in secondary school in order to build a stronger coastal identity and pride within youth living in coastal societies in northern Norway. SALT, photographer Arthur Arnesen, electronica artist Benjamin Mørk and the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association travel three weeks a year to the northernmost regions to spend a whole day with the local youth. Together, we explore the value of the surrounding marine resources and the educational opportunities connected to them and for the future of the coast. We aim to increase awareness towards the possibilities northern Norway can offer, and motivate them to get the knowledge needed to participate in the region’s development.



Large quantities of microplastics are constantly entering the oceans from landbased sources. The project FanpLESStic-Sea aims to reduce this problem, particularly in the Baltic Sea region.

The project has three key targets:

  • increased knowledge of where microplastics come from and their transport pathways
  • evaluation of technology that can reduce microplastic or reduce microplastic leakage before reaching watercourses,
  • increased knowledge and commitment of decision makers through suggestions on how to implement cost-effective methods to reduce microplastics.

The project has partners in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. SALT is the only Norwegian partner in the project.

The project period is from January 1st 2019 to June 30th 2021, and the total budget of the project is 2 968 069 euro.

SalMar Salmon Center

SalMar Salmon Center

SALT managed the development of SalMar Salmon Center at Finnsnes in Troms. In addition to acting as a project manager, SALT delivered texts and developed installations in close cooperation with different subcontractors.

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