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  • FanpLESStic-Sea

    Large quantities of microplastics are constantly entering the oceans from landbased sources. The project FanpLESStic-Sea aims to reduce this problem, particularly in the Baltic Sea region.

    The project has three key targets:

    • increased knowledge of where microplastics come from and their transport pathways
    • evaluation of technology that can reduce microplastic or reduce microplastic leakage before reaching watercourses,
    • increased knowledge and commitment of decision makers through suggestions on how to implement cost-effective methods to reduce microplastics.

    The project has partners in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. SALT is the only Norwegian partner in the project.

    The project period is from January 1st 2019 to June 30th 2021, and the total budget of the project is 2 968 069 euro.